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Bringing Home the Bling

  • April 13, 2015
Students from Digital Media and the Department of Art and Art History were honored with a wealth of ADDYs at the 2015 Birmingham Advertising Federation Awards, held in February.
AAF ADDYUAB Digital Media students at the 2015 Birmingham Advertising Federation Awards. (Photo: KP Studios) Students from Digital Media and the Department of Art and Art History were honored with a wealth of ADDYs at the 2015 Birmingham Advertising Federation Awards, held in February.

Twenty four students took home Gold and Silver Student ADDY awards for their individual and team projects. This year’s award winners are all UAB clients, including UAB Admissions, UAB Honors College, The Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts, and TRIO Academic Services, says Director of Digital Media and Learning Rosie O’Beirne. The success of the students—many of whom are majoring in the arts, including music, art and film—is a testament to the importance of a team approach because that is needed to create quality work, O’Beirne says.

The Department of Art and Art History has a fantastic group of young artists and designers, who consistently demonstrate creativity, resourcefulness and hard work, says Doug Barrett, Associate Professor.

“By participating in the local ADDYs, our students have their work seen by design professionals and are able to gain a sense of how much their work is valued by the design community. Year after year, UAB takes home the Best of Show for Student ADDYs, a recognition indicative of our students’ hard work and of the quality of our curriculum,” he adds.

Best of Show ADDY in Campaign — Matthew Drummond, 2014 alumni Daniel Twieg, Ryan Meyer, and Kevin Peek.
Silver ADDY in Collateral Material Stationery Packaging — junior Tori Absher.
Gold ADDY in Poster Campaign — junior Stephen Stark.
Gold ADDY in Integrated Campaign — senior Sarah Smith, Jayla Perry, and Matthew Perkins.
Gold ADDY in Digital Advertising Campaign — Meyer, Drummond, Twieg and Peek
Gold ADDY in Digital Advertising Campaign — Meyer and and Twieg
Gold ADDY in Animation or Special Effect — Meyer
Gold ADDY in Cinematography — Drummond, Matthew Henton, Tyler Harris, Tyler Furgerson, Razaq Kadri, James Cody, Benjamin M. Jones, Jessica Chriesma, Tierra Andrews, Rebecca Egeland and Jared Jones.
Silver ADDY in Integrated Campaign — Jeanette N. Vasquez
Silver ADDY in Logo — Lisa Nguyen of Birmingham
Silver ADDY in Logo — Marlena Roberts and Absher
Silver ADDY — Drummond, Twieg, Hernandez, Henton, Peek, Harris, Furgerson, Kadri, Benjamin M. Jones, Cody, Chriesman, Salim Hakima, and Ben McCafferty.
Silver ADDY in Music — Cody, composer