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Pursuing a double major requires focus, effort, and passion. Add a global pandemic to the situation, and the experience becomes even more complex.

December 20, 2017

New course: Pulpits in Protest

This course will cover four major social movements involving African Americans and the protest speeches, sermons, and songs given by women and men from the Black Church and beyond.

Two African American Studies students — an alumna and a senior — are participating in their dream internships this summer.
The Pan-African Student Coalition at UAB, organized during this summer semester, hopes to provide a place where students can feel they belong and serve as an umbrella organization for other organizations consisting of people of African descent.
Carlon Harris, a senior African American Studies major and Honors Program student, was one of several UAB students selected to attend the 21st Black Solidarity Conference at Yale University in February. He was also recently interviewed on Birmingham’s WBRC Fox 6.
Students and faculty in the UAB African American Studies Program have been recognized for their achievements this semester.
UAB students gathered for the "Exploring Racism through Hip Hop" writing workshop at the Department of Theatre's acting studio on Nov. 13 to add their voices to a musical in the works.
Africa in the Americas (AAS 250/HY 290/HY 390), taught by Department of History professor Pamela Murray, will introduce students to those countries and regions of Latin America that, since the 1500s, have comprised the heart of the New World's African diaspora.
UAB’s African American Studies Program is undergoing a major restructuring of its course requirements. The changes allow for more flexibility along with new structure for students so they can pursue and complete the Bachelor of Arts degree in a timely manner.
Martez Files, the undergraduate speaker for the Fall 2014 UAB College of Arts and Sciences commencement ceremony, graduated with a BA in History and a BA in African American Studies.
Martez Files, the undergraduate speaker for the Fall 2014 morning commencement ceremony, is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American Studies.
The African American Studies Organization was honored with the Program/Event of the Year Award at the Student Excellence Awards ceremony on April 23, 2014.
Looking for a cool course to take this fall? Sign up for Social Justice & Identity (AAS 250), offered by the African American Studies Program.
Two African American Studies Program students, Amy Kincaid Thomas and Martez Files, have been accepted into Ankh Maat Wedjau Honor Society of the National Council of Black Studies (NCBS).
The African American Studies Program and the Department of History will partner with the Ballard House Project to involve students and faculty in Ballard House programs.
Chernell Bizzell, recent alumni of the African American Studies Program, reflects on the Civil Rights Movement. This video is part of the 2013 Civil Rights Commemoration by the UAB College of Arts and Sciences.
Dexter Forbes came to UAB because of the city scene, but he found his niche as an advocate for the land.
Chernell Bizzell’s first night spent in an old, abandoned yellow-brick house was a reality check. Today, the 35-year-old readies herself for Dec. 17, 2011, the day she tops the summit.