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Nitesh Saxena, Ph.D., has been awarded two grants in 2015 from the National Science Foundation to continue his research in computer and network security.
Dr. Purushotham Bangalore, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences and Director of the Collaborative Computing Laboratory (CLL), has been awarded nearly $500,000 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for his project on a high-speed campus research network.
The Shikkhok.com project developed by UAB Department of Computer Science Assistant Professor Ragib Hasan, Ph.D., took home the prestigious 2015 mBillionth Award for its excellence in mobile learning and mobile education in South Asia.
A growing number of researchers, from computer scientists to philosophers, are taking an interest in the "artificial artificial intelligence" offered by Amazon's microwork platform.
By training computers to pick out timing clues in medical records, UAB machine learning expert Steven Bethard, Ph.D., aims to help individual physicians visualize patient histories, and researchers recruit for clinical trials.
Smartphones can already do pretty much everything, right? Actually, UAB computer scientists have a few more ideas. The Mix lists seven innovations that could be coming soon to your favorite device.
February 18, 2015

Watching the Watchers

Ragib Hasan, UAB assistant professor and director of the UAB SECuRE and Trustworthy Computing Lab (SECRETLab), unveiled his Witness Oriented Asserted Location Provenance system at the 2014 Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Showcase.
Nitesh Saxena, Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences and information assurance pillar co-leader of the Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research, led a team that investigated the security and usability of the next generation of CAPTCHAs that are based on simple computer games.
UAB Computer and Information Sciences assistant professor Thamar Solorio has been named the winner of the Denice Denton Emerging Leader ABIE Award. The award recognizes a junior faculty member for high-quality research and significant positive impact on diversity.
The Internet has opened up a world of educational opportunity for billions of people. But you need more than a web browser to take advantage of the Information Revolution.
Nitesh Saxena, Ph.D., associate professor of computer and information sciences, wondered what was happening in people’s brains when they encountered malware warnings or malicious websites. His collaboration with Rajesh Kana, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology, and three students revealed a surprising answer that won them a “Distinguished Paper Award.”
May 01, 2014

Winners Circle

In a stunning achievement, four College faculty members were awarded CAREER Awards by the National Science Foundation. The recipients are Dr. Eugenia Kharlampieva, Chemistry; Dr. Karolina Mukhtar, Biology; Dr. Thamar Solorio and Dr. Ragib Hasaan, Computer and Information Sciences.
In a paper presented at the 2014 Network and Distributed Systems Security Symposium, researchers offered innovative options to improve the security of two-factor authentication systems while also ensuring the systems’ usability.
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