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The downtown walking tour was scheduled for a sunny Saturday in April 2016. But the group of about 40 and their UAB student guides soon found themselves reliving another spring morning—Easter Sunday 1963.
The 2015 issue of the Vulcan Historical Review won third prize in the Nash History Journal competition sponsored by Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society.
The 2015 issue of the Vulcan Historical Review is out and available for purchase. The journal is completely student-written and student-edited by undergraduate and graduate students of the UAB Department of History.
When thinking of prospective places to complete an internship, a cemetery is not exactly what comes to mind — unless you’re history student Dana Dawson, that is. Dana enjoys the hands-on learning and, well, the quiet that comes with working at Oak Hill Cemetery.
Members of the editorial board of the Vulcan Historical Review (VHR) 19th edition invite you to submit papers to be considered for publication.
Martez Files, the undergraduate speaker for the Fall 2014 UAB College of Arts and Sciences commencement ceremony, graduated with a BA in History and a BA in African American Studies.
Martez Files, the undergraduate speaker for the Fall 2014 morning commencement ceremony, is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American Studies.
History student and REV Birmingham intern Stephanie Qualls has become a regular face amongst the cobblestone streets and old buildings of downtown.
Stephanie Qualls has always had a love for history, which is why she wants to teach others about our world and its cultures.
Last week Dr. André Millard's World War Two class studied Operation Market Garden that began on September 17, 1944 — exactly 70 years ago. The class covers events of the war on the anniversary of when they occurred, which means it covers the events of August to December 1944, one of the most important and dramatic periods of WWII.
The latest issue of the Vulcan Historical Review, the journal written and edited by undergraduate and graduate history students at UAB, is now available for all lovers of history to read.
Graduate students will be able to take a unique World War II class this fall. HY 693 covers events of the war exactly 70 years after they occurred, which means it will cover the events of August to December 1944 — one of the most important and dramatic periods of the war.
Pamela Sterne King, an assistant professor of history at UAB and former historic preservation officer for the city of Birmingham, wants students to learn about the city’s "often-forgotten fun personality."
Two advanced students in The College, Nicole Watkins in History and Kyle Besing in Mathematics, won second and first place, respectively, in this year’s Graduate Student Research Days, hosted by UAB Graduate School.
This class, taught by Dr. Glenn Feldman, will cover various economic ideas from the ancient Greeks and Romans; through the early church fathers and medieval thought; through Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and the classical economists; upward to Keynes; and finally to Hayek, Milton Friedman, and recent supply-side and neoliberal fashions.
UAB’s Graduate History Forum will take place on March 7 and 8, 2014. The keynote lecture will be given by Dr. Aaron Sheehan-Dean, Professor of History at Louisiana State University and author of Why Confederates Fought: Family and Nation in Civil War Virginia.
June 20, 2012

Study Away 2012: Peru

In May 2012, 15 UAB students led by Professors Carlos Orihuela (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures) and Pamela Murray (Department of History) arrived in Lima, Peru, for a crash course in the language, culture, and history of one of the most fascinating countries in the Western hemisphere.
Rebecca Dobrinski, a master's student in the UAB Department of History and Anthropology, has researched the expansion of hockey into the South over the past 70 years.
September 27, 2010

Mountain of Memories

The mines of Birmingham’s Red Mountain fell silent nearly 50 years ago, but Ike Matson never did.
Last fall, historians Pamela Sterne King and Staci Glover, along with visual and applied anthropologist Rosie O'Beirne, debuted Untold Stories: Finding and Telling Stories You Haven't Heard in History Class.
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