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Physics major Lamario Williams received a PhysCon MSI/HBCU Travel Award to attend PhysCon 2016 in San Francisco.
January 09, 2017

Pursuing the joy of healing

Lamario Williams, a senior majoring in biomedical sciences and physics, shares an undergraduate journey that has taken him from Mount Sinai Hospital to Nepal, and offers advice on making the most of research opportunities at UAB.
Congratulations to Physics student Lamario Williams on receiving a PhysCon MSI/HBCU Travel Award to attend PhysCon 2016 in San Francisco.
Chase Chandler, a Navy veteran now majoring in physics at UAB, oversees research projects running on the International Space Station at NASA's Payload Operations Integration Center in Huntsville.
Approximately 600 students apply for the Hertz Fellowship each year; only 15 percent are invited for a first-round interview.
Zachary R. Lindsey, a doctoral student in physics, has been awarded a GRSP fellowship for 2015-2016 through the Alabama EPSCoR Graduate Research Scholars Program.
What makes a student successful? Often it’s a faculty member, like Dr. David Hilton in the Department of Physics, who has guided undergraduates and graduate students to some prestigious awards and academic accomplishments.
UAB physics and chemistry major Luke McClintock has been named a 2015 Goldwater Scholar.
UAB Physics undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff all gathered for the department’s Annual Awards Day on April 17, 2015.
Dr. Sonal Singh has accepted a position at GLOBAL FOUNDRIES (a semiconductor manufacturing company) as a 'Senior Defect Engineer - Technology Development’.
What's the fastest thing you can imagine? How about the smallest? Well never mind, because there really is no way to wrap your head around what's going on in David Hilton's laser lab in the UAB Department of Physics.
UAB Physics Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff all gathered for the department’s Annual Awards Day on April 18, 2014.
The following physics undergraduate majors were awarded best presentations awards in their categories at the UAB Expo on Friday, April 11.
Graduate student Nathaniel Wolanyk was awarded an NIH Graduate Summer Internship to work under the direction of Dr. Xujing Wang.
Two graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences have received 2014 CAS Graduate Entrepreneurship Awards. The program promotes student innovation and entrepreneurship across all graduate programs in CAS.
The 2014 Physics Scholarship and Awards Committee is pleased to announce that the following Physics undergraduates have been selected for undergraduate scholarship for Spring 2014.
Physics graduate student Spencer Smith has been selected for a CDAC graduate fellowship beginning August 15th.
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