Over 165 Students Recognized at College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship & Awards Luncheon

On January 23, the UAB Alumni House was filled with some of the College’s finest—representing the outstanding intellect, creativity, and character at UAB—as we celebrated the 2015 Scholarship and Awards Luncheon.
Last Friday, the UAB Alumni House was filled with some of the College’s finest—representing the outstanding intellect, creativity, and character at UAB—as we celebrated the 2015 Scholarship and Awards Luncheon. It was a wonderful afternoon of camaraderie and support, as students, chairs, faculty, staff, donors and members of the community came together to celebrate the accomplishments of our remarkable students and the people who have provided financial support to them.

CAS scholarship Luncheon 2015 Most importantly, the event offered students the opportunity to sit at the same table as their donor, quite possibly a stranger until that day, who made their academic pursuits possible. However, the event also offered attendees a first-hand look inside the College and the breadth of its talent. The Digital Media team presented a compelling video telling the story of the student and donor relationship, bringing some to tears and all to a better understanding of the impact of giving to scholarships. Theatre UAB’s Cabaret was truly a delight with their playful performance of a medley from Disney’s Academy Award-winning Frozen.

In addition, we were proud to recognize two newly established endowed scholarships during this year’s program. The Warren and Bobbie Jones Endowed Scholarship was established in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, and the Hugh S. Gainer and Anna Simmons Gainer Endowed Scholarship was created in the Department of Art and Art History. These endowments are a testimony to the belief in our students and serve as a legacy to these generous benefactors.

As UAB’s largest academic unit, home to more than 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students, the College honored over 165 students who received scholarship support during the 2014-2015 academic year with awards totaling almost $200,000.  We thank all of those who have made this possible – your vital support and involvement helps us continue our tradition of excellence. The achievements of the College and its scholars are a reflection of your investment in our students, the College of Arts and Sciences, and UAB.

College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships

Edward H. Atchison Endowed Fund for the Performing Arts
Annabelle DeCamillis, Kameron Dickerson, Allison Shackelford

Gladys Davies and George F. Brockman IV Scholarship
Bliss Chang, Emil Kurian

CAS Scholarship Luncheon 2015Dean’s Leadership Scholarship
Adelaide Beckman, Morgan Walston, Kayla Gladney, John Shelley, Charity (Yoonhee) Ryder, Tori Gandy, Emily Milligan, Jarrod Hicks, Sadhvi Batra, Erica Glover

NAS Dean’s Leadership Scholarship
Amanda Proper, Calla McCulley, Courtney Rutherford, Svetlana (Lana) Sobol, Fatoumata Diabate, Aleksandra (Sasha) Kasman, Emily (Em) Wiginton, Mohamad Moughnyeh, Julia Foley, Margaret Deason-Coughlin, Louise Guedou, Amaris Thomas, Agam Dhawan

The God at the Speed of Light Endowed Scholarship
Alexandra Fry, Stephanie (Gracie) Giang, Jonathan Parker, Tiffany Colburn

Tennant and Susan McWilliams Endowed Scholarship
Zuzanna Turowska, Breanna Henderson

The Lauren McLellan Sanders Endowed Scholarship
Katherine Nabors, Weslie Shannon

Jane Mulkin Endowed Scholarship
Michael Forrester, Emily White

Department of Art and Art History

Incoming Freshman Scholarship
Camille Goulet, Evan Keith Jones

Art Senior Scholarship
Michael Forrester, Jeanette Vasquez

CAS Scholarship Luncheon 2015Bernice Cooke Thomas Endowed Scholarship in Art and Art History
Zachary Edison

John Dillon Endowed Scholarship
Zachary Edison

Frohock Memorial Scholarship
Alyssa Fagaly

Janice Kluge/Cam Langley Endowed Scholarship Fund
Mia Badham

Betty Loeb Endowed Scholarship
Lucy Allen

John Schnorrenberg Endowed Scholarship Fund
Michael Forrester

Ellen Shizuko Takahashi Endowed Support Fund
Jonathan Riordan

Dr. Klaus Urban Endowed Scholarship for the Department of Art and Art History
Ruoxin Wang

Marie Weaver and Steve Harvey Endowed Scholarship for Graphic Design
Anna Zoladz

Visual Arts Achievement Scholarship
Camille Goulet

Department of Biology 

CAS Scholarship Luncheon 2015Biology Scholars
Nicholas Bolin, Hope Miley, Anna Sims

Anne Cusic Scholarship in Biology
Courtney Rutherford

Biology Student Leader Scholarship
Jessica Lopez

Daniel Jones endowed Student Research Support Fund in Biology
Jacob Froehlich

Ken R. Marion Endowed Scholarship Fund/Biology Career Award
Chapelle Ayres

Ken R. Marion Endowed Scholarship Fund/Ecology/Environmental Science Career Award
Marlee Hayes

Evelyn M. and Harold C. Martin Endowed Support Fund
Kathryn Schoenrock

Department of Chemistry 

Chemistry Scholars
Lily Birx, Ronald Tyler Gatewood, Savanah McLendon, Azim Merchant, Rebecca Hope Millis, Lauren Silverwood, Rebecca Smith, Allison Worrell, Ashley Wylie

Department of Computer and Information Sciences

CAS Scholarship Luncheon 2015Anthony Barnard Endowed Award Fund in Computer and Information Sciences
Eric Leinert

Joseph M. Fontana Scholarship Endowment Fund for Computer and Information Science
Alan Bischoff, Stephen Frees, Brian Hester

Joyce Iannuzzi Endowed Presidential Scholarship for Computer Science and Technology
Jonathan Parker

Hack-in-the-Box Scholarship
Dibya Mukhopadhyay

Facebook Scholarship for NYU Poly’s Women’s Symposium Award
Jun Yu Jacinta Cai

Facebook Security DEFCON Scholarship
Black Hat Student Scholarship
Ralph "Chip" McSweeney, Ben Corbitt

Department of Communication Studies

James E. Mills Scholarship Fund
Adelaide Beckman, Jacque Chandler, Andrea Miller

Byron St. Dizier Endowed Journalism Award
Memri Williams

Dr. John Wittig Public Relations Alumni Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Kourtney Cowart, Lea Rizzo, Angela Williams

Victoria and Ralph Johnson Endowed Scholarship
Stephanie Davis

William Self Endowed Scholarship
Lauren Womack

Department of English 

CAS Scholarship Luncheon 9Barksdale-Maynard Endowed Creative Writing Prize (Poetry)
Bethany Mitchell

Barksdale-Maynard Endowed Creative Writing Prize (Fiction)
Caitlin Miller

Barksdale-Maynard Endowed Creative Writing Prize (Nonfiction)
Tyler Dennis

Gloria Goldstein Howton Scholarship Endowment Fund
Brian Renninger

Grace Lindsley Waits Scholarship Fund
Michael Forrester

Phillips Scholarship in English
Sarah Domm

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Study Away Scholarship – Japan
Jolie Thevenot

Study Away Scholarship – China
John Holbrooks, Nathan Gravitt

Robert Lehmeyer Endowed Award – German
Justin Ciucevich, Christie Hoffmeyer, Lauren Poyer

Emily Collinsworth, Judi Hakim

Department of Government

CAS Scholarship Luncheon 2015Voytek Zubek Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Brian Rice

The MPA Alumni Endowed Schoalrship
Joseph Menefee

Department of Justice Sciences

Department of Justice Sciences Scholarship Fund
Jonathan Dillingham, Santorra King, Katherine (Katie) Nabors, Brooklyn Trahan, Meahgen Hall, Brian Thacker, Kristen Sherwood, Amber Toyer

Department of Mathematics 

Math Department Scholarships
Samuel Wunderly, Andrew Arnold, William Tidwell, Fatoumata Sanogo

Kauffman Endowed Scholarship in Math
Rachel Ejem

O’Neil Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics
Jordan Walton

The James C. And Carol Warner Endowed Scholarship
Garrett Higginbotham

Travis B. Wood Memorial Mathematics Scholarship Fund
Lara Putnam, Elizabeth Liddle

Math Fast Track Student
Samuel Wunderly, Andrew Arnold, William Tidwell, Fatoumata Sanogo, Jordan Walton, Garrett Higginbotham, Lara Putnam, Elizabeth Liddle

Department of Music

Myrtle-Jones-Steele Endowment Fund
Davis McClendon Grimes, Travis Chin

UAB Music Scholarship Endowment Fund
Aleksandra Kasman, Eamon Griffith

Stevie Wonder Music Scholarship Endowment
Kendrick Panion

Department of Physics 

CAS Scholarship Luncheon 2015Robert and Edith Bauman Endowed Scholarship in Physics
Aidan O’Beirne, Islam Khan, Jackson Carr, Priyanka Patel

Department of Sociology

Ferris S. & Annie Pharo Ritchey Endowed Scholarship in Sociology
Kathryn Skelton

Department of Theatre

Ruby Lloyd Apsey Scholarship Fund
Seth Burgess, Lauren Edwards, Hannah Glaze, John Kennedy, Alora King, Deloris (Aurelie) King, Jessica Mathews, Phoebe Miller, Victoria Morales, Calvin Nielsen, Jonielle Osborn, Noah Parsons, Lauren Seale, Andrew Taylor

Fannie Flagg/Kathy Waites Endowed Scholarship
Sarah Pullen

David Lloyd Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Pauline Watts, Mark Nelson, Meredith (Patricia) Morse, Kenya Mims, Ben Lundy, Kyle Hulcher, Gian Acevedo, Joseph Baude

Program Awards

African American Studies Program Scholarship
Martez Files, Carlon Harris

Digital Media Fellowship
Tierra Andrews, Jessica Chriesman, James Cody, Matt Drummond, Tyler Furgerson, Tyler Harris, Matthew Henton, Benjamin Jones, Jared Jones, Razaq Kadri, Jeremy Nelson, Jeanette Vasquez