The Department of Philosophy offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in philosophy, as well as a minor in philosophy and course offerings for non-majors and non-minors. These include occasional graduate courses for students in other fields. The department also sponsors an interdisciplinary minor in Philosophy and Law and interdisciplinary concentration in Philosophy and Political Economy. Both are described below.

The program for majors is built around two aims. First, the major offers study of the methods, problems, and history of philosophy. Second, it exposes the student to applications of and current developments within the discipline. Throughout the major goal is to teach students to present and critically analyze arguments, both orally and written. Graduates of the department have pursued such careers as teaching, law, medicine, counsel- ing, and business.

There are three different ways in which to major in philosophy at UAB: three tracks towards the bachelor’s degree. These include the general track, the individually designed track, and the honors track.

When a student first declares a major in philosophy, he or she is classified in the general track. Students remain in this track unless they request entry into the individually designed track or are successfully admitted upon re- quest into the honors track. These requests are made of the department chair.  The general track appeals to students with broad philosophic interests as well as students desiring a second major or in need of class schedule flexibility. The individually designed track is designed in consultation with a faculty advisor.  Concentrations are available in applied ethics, bioethics, cognitive science, history of ideas, law and society, religion, and science and the modern world. Students graduating in the honors track receive a certificate at the spring Honors Convocation and graduate “With Honors in Philosophy."