UAB graduate Ian Hoppe has been publishing widely in the Birmingham News: "The Iron Curtain: Beginning the discussion about getting people over Red Mountain and into Birmingham," "Birmingham's self-esteem problem: Searching far and wide for talent it has in its own backyard," "New Birmingham food truck regulations: a primer on bad decision making," and "What do you know about Birmingham's tech startup community?"

Dr. Pence's article, "Yes, one can teach neuroethics in prison," was published on (the on-line news site for The Birmingham News, The Hunstville Times, and the Press-Register.) Dr. Pence also published an article, "Saving Alabama's Bookstores," on

Alex Soper wrote "A utilitarian's stance on Obamacare" in favor of the legislation.

Joseph Obie Norris wrote "A libertarian's stance on Obamacare" in opposition to the legislation.

Andrew Romnie wrote "HB56 is bad for Alabama" arguing in favor of repealing the law as the "facts" upon which the law is based are not true.

Edmund Semmes wrote "Occupy: How to bring about positive change" outlining pragmatic solutions to the social and political issues highlighted by the Occupy movement.