Pictures from the Philosophy Department's Big Idea Talks.

Pence Big Idea Talk 4     

IMG_1748 Randle and McCain

Human-CloningAccording to an article by Rebecca Taylor on, Dr. Gregory Pence and President George W. Bush agree on an issue in bioethics. Click here to see the article and the issue.
pence    Dr. Gregory Pence, a philosophy professor at the University of
    Alabama in Birmingham, was on Fox News at 5:00 p.m. on January
    16, 2014, to discuss the issue of cloned meat.

    Click here to see the video.

By Matt Windsor

0912_abrams2Marshall Abrams talked at the Society for Exact Philosophy on evolution, culture, and epistemology and also talked at the Eastern American Philosophical Association on "Extending Science with Humanities through Computer Simulation" in the forum "Doing Philosophy with Computers".

McCain Book 2014
Dr. Kevin McCain has published an epistemology book with Routledge only 2 years after getting his PhD.