Marshall Abrams. Associate Professor
Humanities Building 418
(205) 996-7483

Research and Teaching Interests:  Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Probability, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Modern Philosophy, Symbolic Logic

Andrew Ball. Lecturer
Humanities Building 421
(205) 934-8798

Research and Teaching Interests: Epistemology, Formal and Informal Logic, Ancient Philosophy (especially Aristotle), Philosophy of Science

Carter HardyVisiting Assistant Professor
Humanities Building 421

Research and Teaching Interests: Bioethics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of emotion

Matt KingAssistant Professor
Humanities Building 423
(205) 934-8771

Research and Teaching Interests:  Ethics, Free Will and Responsibility, and Philosophy of Law

josh may 2017 1Assistant Professor
Humanities Building 425
(205) 934-8920

Research and Teaching Interests:  Ethical Theory, Bioethics, Free Will/Moral Responsibility, and Theory of Knowledge

Kevin McCain. Associate Professor
Humanities Building 417
(205) 934-8907

Research and Teaching Interests:  Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science

Gregory Pence. Professor; Philosophy Chair; Director, Early Medical Student Acceptance Program
Humanities Building 420
(205) 934-4805

Research and Teaching Interests:  Bioethics, especially Cloning and Assisted Reproduction; emerging issues in Bioethics, such as Neuroethics, Enhancement, Ebola, and the Affordable Care Act

Marjorie Price. Associate Professor
Humanities Building 422
(205) 934-4805/8921

Research and Teaching Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, and Applied Ethics

Brynn Welch. Assistant Professor
Humanities Building 419
(205) 934-8919

Research and Teaching Interests: Applied Ethics, Social/Political Philosophy

Associate ProfessorMaryWhall
Humanities Building 407 D
(205) 934-4805

Research and Teaching Interests: History of Philosophy (especially ancient Greek philosophy), Kant and German Idealism, and Existentialism