Marjorie Price.

Associate Professor
Humanities Building 422
(205) 934-4805/8921

Research and Teaching Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, and Applied Ethics

Office Hours: T/TH 12:45 - 1:45 p.m.; and by appointment


  • BA, Barnard College, Philosophy
  • MA, New York University, Philosophy
  • PhD, New York University, Philosophy

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey. I thought of myself as an ordinary person and never dreamed that I would end up teaching in a university or specializing in philosophy. As a college student, I was attracted to philosophy for two reasons: it was more interesting to me than many other subjects because it emphasizes thinking over memorizing a lot of facts. In addition, it was liberating because it allows for originality of thought.

In teaching I am guided by two ideas. One idea is Socrates’ idea of philosophy as a cooperative search for the truth. I put this idea into effect in the classroom by encouraging students to express their ideas and examine them together with the other students in the class. The other idea is that studying philosophy is beneficial to all students because it improves certain intellectual skills that are required by most good jobs. In line with this, I stress activities that sharpen a person’s reasoning and require his using language that is clear and precise.

  • Metaphysics and Ethics
  • Metaphysics: Theories of Reality
  • Contemporary Moral Issues
  • Papers in various philosophy journals including The Journal of Philosophy and Philosophical Studies.