The UAB Philosophy Department and the Early Medical School Acceptance Program (EMSAP) sponsors the UAB Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team, which competes in applied ethics debate competitions. The Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl is sponsored by The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. The Bioethics Bowl Championship are held in conjunction with the National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference.

The Bioethics Bowl Team, 2014. The Bioethics Bowl Team, 2014, with Dr. Gregory Pence. In preparation for competitions, students must prepare analyses of 15 applied ethics cases during each semester. During the competition, they comment on the presentations of others and respond to judges’ questions about the positions they endorse. Competitive success requires knowledge of ethical theory, understanding of practical details of cases, as well as succinct synthesis of the arguments and questions of others. The UAB Ethics Center Funds the teams, and Mrs. Minnie Randle often accompanies the teams and provides logistical, emotional, and professional support.

Philosophy students have always played important roles on the UAB Ethics Bowl Teams. Philosophy majors Mallick Hossain, Christopher Graves, Rachael Rosales, and Ayushe Sharma comprised four of five members of the 2010 team. It was one of five teams from the Southeast Region to make the National Finals, in which 32 teams from 10 regions competed. The UAB team captured the National Championship, becoming the Cinderella team of the tournament.


UAB won the National Bioethics Bowl Championship in Tallahassee, Florida


UAB sent a Bioethics Bowl team to the National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference at Loyola University. Several other UAB students also attended the conference and gave presentations on issues in bioethics.


UAB sent two teams to the Southeastern regional. The senior team advanced to the National Championship, and the freshmen team won two of its three matches. At the National tournament, UAB lost in the quarterfinals to DePauw University. Although DePauw did not win the tournament, they won the 2012 National Bioethics Bowl Championship the next month.


The team did not qualify for the national competition. Determined to debate, the team reformed itself and entered the National Bioethics Bowl Championship at Duke University. Composed of veterans Mallick Hossain and Rachael Rosales and newcomers Kevin Kiang, Majaliwa Mzombwe, and Aditi Jani, the team won the 2011 National Championship in Bioethics.