Two philosophy students holding a poster showing famous philosophy majors. The major in philosophy is built around two aims:
  • the study of the methods, problems, and history of philosophy
  • applications of and current developments within the discipline.

We teach our students to present and critically analyze arguments, orally and in written form. Our graduates have pursued careers in teaching, law, medicine, counseling, and business.

Program Details

There are four different ways to major in philosophy at UAB: the general track, the ethics track, the individually designed track, and the honors track. When a student first declares a major in philosophy, he or she is classified in the general track. Students remain in this track unless they request entry and are successfully admitted into one of the other tracks. These requests are made of the department chair.

A complete list of major requirements, courses, and a proposed four-year program of study for Philosophy majors are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

The General Track suits the interests, needs, and scheduling desires of many philosophy majors. It is popular with students with general philosophical interests, with double majors, or with significant non-academic responsibilities (job, etc.). The general track consists of any 10 philosophy courses (30 hours) — 21 hours must be at the 200 level or above, and 9 hours must be at the 400 level or above (one of which must be a Capstone: PHL 490, 491, or 492).
The Ethics Track is for students interested in focusing on ethical reasoning and social issues during their time as an undergraduate and after graduation. This track is particularly fitting for students aiming to work in business, law, and the health professions.
The Individually Designed Track is for students with well defined philosophic interests or vocational aspirations. The formal requirements are the same as in the general track. What makes this track different is that you are assigned an advisor in the department to help you tailor course selections that fit your interests and aspirations. Several families of concentration can be designed in this manner, including:
  • applied ethics
  • bioethics
  • cognitive science
  • history of ideas
  • law and society
  • religion
  • science and the modern world

To enroll in the individually designed track simply consult with the department chair.
The Honors Track requires 12 philosophy courses (36 hours), including the satisfaction of a distribution requirement and the composition of an honors thesis with a faculty supervisor or reader. Students graduating in the honors track graduate "With Honors in Philosophy.”

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