There are good reasons both profound and practical to major in philosophy. On the profound end, a major in philosophy provides a chance to systematically examine the most fundamental questions about human existence and the universe. Since its inception in ancient Greece, philosophy has tried to provide rational answers to the questions “How should I live?” and “What can I know?” The possible answers to these questions have deep implications for all aspects of life and all other intellectual inquiries. A major in philosophy is one of the best ways to think about such important issues in a careful and guided way.

There are also quite practical reasons for majoring in philosophy. Philosophy majors nationally score well on the law and medical schools and their admission rates in these disciplines is quite high compared to other majors. This is in part no doubt because philosophy is the only major in the university that focuses primarily on analyzing arguments. The ability to follow and critically evaluate verbal and written arguments is a skill essential for success in most professions and careers and something that will remain with graduates long after they finished their education. (Please see Philosophy Majors and Law School for statistics.) UAB philosophy majors have gone on to pursue numerous interesting careers.(Please see the Departmental Newsletter for a list of alumni and their careers.) Additionally, there have been a number of famous philosophy majors.

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Benefits of Philosophy Major
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Famous Philosophers
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