Department of Physics
Recipients of 2015 Physics Scholarships Announced

Sonal Singh Accepts Position with Global Foundries

Speed Metal Discovered in Hilton's Lab

Research of Grad Student Spencer Smith Featured by CDAC

Hilton's mentorship of students featured in UAB Arts & Sciences Magazine (10/2015)

Vohra receives Alabama Innovation Funding

Grad student Zach Lindsey awarded 2015-16 GRSP Fellowship

Alumnus Dr. Christina Richey wins 2015 AAS Prize

Dr. Ilias Perakis named new Chair of Department of Physics

UAB Physics Department Annual Awards Day - 2015

Undergrad physics-chemistry major Luke McClintock named 2015 Goldwater Scholar (4/2015)

Grad student Ustun Sunay awarded 2015 NREIP Internship (4/2015)

Alumnus Dr. McCauley heads Shire's Nonclinical Development Group (4/2015)

Sonal Singh accepts position with Global Industries (4/2015)

Researchers turn diamonds into super sensors (2/2015)

Aaron Catledge proposal selected for 2015 Alabama Launchpad Start-up Competition (12/2014)

Sergey Mirov named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (12/2014)

Recipients of 2015 physics undergraduate scholarships announced (12/2014)

Alumnus Velisavljevic honored with DOE/NNSA Award of Excellence (10/2014)

Research of grad student Spencer Smith highlighted by CDAC

Alumnus Beegle's Proposal Selected for Mars 2020 Rover Payload

UAB Physics Department Annual Awards Day - 2014

Hilton's Nano-discovery of a Speed Metal

Physics Graduate School Open House

Physics-Chemistry Undergrad Luke McClintock Earns 2014 Goldwater Scholar Honorable Mention

Physics Undergraduate Awardees at Spring 2014 UAB Spring Expo

Graduate student Nathaniel Wolanyk awarded NIH Graduate Summer Internship

Hilton and Brady part of Vanderbilt collaboration developing nanoscale optical switch

David Shealy honored for 40 years of service to UAB

Graduate student Jamin Johnston receives 2014 CAS Graduate Student Entrepreneurship Award   (1/2014)

Recipients of 2014 physics undergraduate scholarships announced (12/2013)

UAB Physicist partners with BBA to win $600,000 NSG Partnership for Innovation grant (7/2013)

UAB announces Professor Hilton's promotion to Associate Professor with tenure (7/2013)

Grad student Spencer Smith awarded a CDAC fellowship for 2013-14 (7/2013)

Graduate student Ustun Sunay awarded a NREIP summer internship (5/2013)

Professor Vohra awarded DOE grant to study rare earth metals under extreme conditions (5/2013) 

Research paper selected for inclusion in journal's 'Highlights for 2012' collection (5/2013) 

Recipients of 2013 Outstanding Physics Students Awards announced (4/2013) 

Graduate students Johnston and Oduk receive 2013 CAS Graduate Student Entrepreneurship Awards (3/2013) 

Recipients of NASA Alabama Space Grant Scholarship Awardees announced (4/2013) 

Physics alumnus Dr. Luther Beegle explores Mars for signs of life (10/2012)

Research of grad student Walter Uhoya featured in CDAC article (10/2012)

UAB EMSAP Class of 2012 votes Dr. Chris Lawson outstanding professor in physics (5/2012)

Grad student Jeff Montgomery selected to attend Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (5/2012)

Physics Grad Students awarded Fellowships for 2012-13 through Graduate Research Scholars Program (5/2012)

Recipients of 2012 Outstanding Physics Students Awards announced (4/2012) 

Physics Honors Students present at 11th Annual UA System Honors Research Day (3/2012)
Professor Chris Lawson testifies in front of the House Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce (4/2012)

Physics Study suggests nanodiamonds safe for implants  (2/2012)

Professor Sergey Mirov elected Fellow of Optical Society of America (11/2011)

Small World: UAB Researchers build the nanoscale future (10/2011)

David Hilton earns an NSF CAREER Award (2/2011)