Department of Physics
Fall 2015               Physics Colloquia are typcially held on Fridays, 12:20 pm - 1:10 pm, in Campbell Hall room 205

August 28 Dr. Mary Ellen Zvanut
Department of Physics
Informational Session & Introduction of Chair Perakis
September 4 Dr. Ryoichi Kawai
Department of Physics
Informational Session (Part II)
September 11 Dr. Mary Ellen Zvanut
Department of Physcis
Probing Point Effects in Crystalline Solids: How Electronic Gadgets Work (or Don't Work)
September 18 Dr. Paul Baker
VP of Product Development
Vista Engineering
Development of Novel Temporamandibular Joint Prosthesis: Do's and Don'ts of a Scientific Startup
September 25 Dr. Matthias Kaminski
Department of Physics
University of Alabama
AdS/CFT Applied to Condensed Matter Physics
October 2 Dr. Yogesh Vohra
Department of Physics
Recent Developments in Materials under Extreme Conditions - Terapascal Pressures and High Temperature Superconductivity
October 9 Dr. Hassam Fathallah-Shaykh
Department of Neurology
Model of Malignant Brain Tumors: from a PDE to the Clinics and Biology
October 16 Dr. Claudia Mewes
Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Alabama
Design of Functional Materials for Spintronic Applications
October 23 Dr. Jason Deibel
Department of Physics
Wright State Univeristy
Terahertz Spectroscopic Imaging of Complex Materials Systems
October 30 Mr. Gary Johnson
Managing Graduate Engineer
Vear, Inc.
Vehicular Accident Reconstruction Trends, Technologies, and the Need for Continued Reliance on Physical Principles
November 6 Dr. Robert A. Kaindl
Materials Sciences Division
Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Laboratory
Ultrafast Snapshots of Electronic Correlations & Dynamics in Complex Materials
November 13 Dr. Guillaume Laurent
Department of Physics
Auburn University
Generation and Application of Attosecond Pulses for Real-time Observation of Atomic Processes
November 20 Dr. Jinwu Ye
Department of Physics
Mississippi State University
Photon Berry Phases, Instantons, Schrodinger Cats with Oscillating Parities and Photon Correlation Functions in Cavity QED Systems 
November 27 No Colloquium  
December 4