Astronomy Program Coordinator
Course Developer with UAB Online Education Program
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Campbell Hall 382
(205) 934-8107

Research and Teaching Interests: The major focus of my career is teaching. Normally I have three classes every semester including through the summer. I teach physics classes (trig and calculus based) as well as four astronomy courses. I work with undergraduates that are interested in research. My focus is on computational astrophysics.

Office Hours: MWF 12:00 PM to 12:50 PM – TR 4:30 PM to 5:15 PM


  • Ph.D., University of Alabama concentrating in Astrophysics

I was born April 24, 1967 in Atlanta, Georgia. I spent the first ten years of my life living in East Cobb County and then my parents moved to the northern end of Lake Lanier in Hall County. My interests in high school included Soccer, Math Team, Academic Bowl, Dungeons & Dragons, and classical music (I played the piano for 13 years).

Currently my two main hobbies are keeping up with University of Alabama athletics and playing pool at a competitive level. My pool team played in the national 8-ball competition held in Las Vegas for the year 2014. I have a son who is an aspiring artist and a daughter who is interested in cheerleading and gymnastics.

Research Interests

My research interest is centered around computational astrophysics. My purpose is to introduce undergraduate students to research methods and prepare them for doing their own research and presenting it in journals and at conferences. The two projects I work on most frequently are UV photolysis in stellar debris fields leading to the generation of complex organic molecules and methods that advanced civilizations might use to generate a partial Dyson sphere for communication with other worlds.

Recent Courses

  • PH201: College Physics I
  • PH202: College Physics II
  • AST101: Astronomy of the Universe
  • AST102: Astronomy of Stellar Systems
  • AST103: Astronomy of the Solar System
  • AST105: Extraterrestrial Life

Student Groups

  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates