Online Nonprofit Management Certificate

Hands of a student taking notes on a laptop. The Online Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management prepares professionals with the skills necessary to manage and support the growing nonprofit community. Students interested in pursuing a certificate in nonprofit management take four specialized courses in nonprofit management in the NASPAA-accredited Master of Public Administration program.

Application for the Certificate Program

Students already admitted into the MPA program may apply to complete this certificate at any point during their course work. The application form must be completed in order to receive the certificate — applications are available by contacting the MPA Program.

You can still complete this certificate by enrolling as a non-degree student if you are not enrolled in the full MPA Program. Students applying as a non-degree seeking graduate student must meet all requirements set forth by the UAB Graduate School (including an earned undergraduate degree from an accredited institution) and must apply for the certificate prior to enrolling in the certificate program. Contact the MPA Program for more information.


The total cost for the certificate (excluding books) is four online courses subject to current tuition and fees for online courses at UAB. A schedule of current tuition and fees can be found on the UAB Students website.


The content and curriculum have been carefully designed to help nonprofit professionals develop the cutting edge skills, best practices, and essential management tools necessary to thrive in today's dynamic nonprofit environment. Successful completion of four of the following courses is necessary to earn the certificate.

Management and coordination of institutions to respond, plan, and mitigate crises. Focus on the role of managers in managing short and long term crises. 3 hours.
The use of marketing and fundraising strategies for nonprofits. Incorporates both theory and practice as students learn the fundamentals of marketing and resource development and apply them to hands-on projects in local nonprofit agencies. 3 hours.
The day-to-day challenges faced by managers of nonprofit agencies, including the challenge of fund raising, balancing competing values as related to efficiency, effectiveness, and equity. 3 hours.
Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) for planning and informed decision making in public, nonprofit and the health sector. 3 hours.
Presents the strategic planning process as it is utilized in contemporary settings. Focuses on how the strategic planning process is applied in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors and the extent to which there is substantial variation. 3 hours.
Covers the essentials of grant-writing and the management of grants. 3 hours.

Future Graduate Degree Work

If you want to apply to the MPA program after completing the certificate, you must complete all application requirements as outlined in the Graduate School guidelines. A maximum of four courses (12 hours) with a grade of B or better may be applied toward the MPA degree if you are accepted in the program.

Successful completion of the nonprofit management certification does not automatically admit you into the MPA program. All application materials must be completed. Students who pursue the MPA degree following certification must complete all course work within seven years of the first course taken in the certificate program.


Please contact the MPA program coordinator at