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Students in the Political Science Honors program are required to do the following:

  • enroll in the Honors program (this replaces the undergraduate requirement for a specialization in either American Politics/Political Theory or Comparative Politics/International Relations)
  • complete one of the following advanced seminars:
    • PSC 401: Seminar in American Government
    • PSC 402: Seminar in Comparative Politics
    • PSC 403: Seminar in International Relations
    • or PSC 404: Seminar in Political Theory
  • after completing one of the advanced seminars, enroll in three semester hours of PSC 497: Honors Research in Political Science
  • after completing PSC 497, prepare an advanced research project that will lead to the development of a substantial research paper and, in some cases, a senior thesis
  • present research project findings to a colloquium of other PSC 497 students and department faculty
  • participate in Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society.

These requirements can also be reviewed in the UAB Course Catalog.


For more information and/or admission to the Political Science Honors program, contact the Political Science Program Director.