William Mason Beale. Visiting Assistant Professor
(205) 934-3482
Heritage Hall 410

Research Interests: Global public management, national defense, universal delivery of public services, managing public programs in a global context, reviewing national defense capabilities worldwide, identifying universal public service differences

Robert Blanton. PSPA Chair; Professor
(205) 934-2339
Heritage Hall 414A

Research Interests: International political economy, international organization, foreign policy, human rights

Dr. Shannon Blanton. Professor; Dean, UAB Honors College
(205) 934-4527
Heritage Hall 546

Research Interests: International relations, foreign policy, human rights, political violence, international political economy


Associate Professor; Director, Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program
(205) 996-2159
Heritage Hall 409

Research Interests: Organizational and individual ethics, workplace rules, bureaucratic red tape, human resources management, governmental transparency

Renato Corbetta. Associate Professor; Director, International Studies Program
(205) 934-2336
Heritage Hall 411

Research Interests: International conflict and conflict management, international security, research methodology, international relations theory, foreign policy, international law and diplomacy

Nevbahar Ertas. Associate Professor
(205) 934-8671
Heritage Hall 406

Research Interests: Public policy, program evaluation, public service

Wendy Gunther-Canada. Professor
(205) 934-8674
Heritage Hall 414

Research Interests: Political philosophy, history of ideas, gender and citizenship

Akhlaque Haque. Professor
(205) 934-4653
Heritage Hall 412

Research Interests: Information management, surveillance and democracy, spatial decision science, Big Data, GIS and public affairs, urban economic development, E-Government applications

Peter Jones. Assistant Professor
(205) 996-2533
Heritage Hall 405

Research Interests: Public budgeting and finance, education finance and policy, econometrics and research methods

Angela Lewis. Professor
(205) 934-2339
Heritage Hall 414A

Research Interests: American government, state and local government, state constitutions, racial politics, black conservatism

Joseph Packa. Visiting Assistant Professor
(205) 934-8685
Heritage Hall 429

Research Interests: Nonprofit management, crisis management, philanthropy, organizational change, strategic planning

Dr. Stephanie Pink-Harper Associate Professor, Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program email
(205) 975-6570
Heritage Hall 423

Research Interests: Local economic development, workplace diversity, human resource management, social equity, organizational behavior

tina kempin reuterDirector, Institute for Human Rights
(205) 996-2325
Heritage Hall 571

Research Interests: Human rights, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution, peace studies, international politics/law, geographical focus: Europe, Middle East, and North Africa

Lisa Sharlach. Associate Professor and Director, Women's and Gender Studies
(205) 934-8675
Heritage Hall 404

Research Interests: Comparative politics, African politics, women and world politics, developing world politics, Asian politics