Akhlaque Haque. Professor; Director, Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program
(205) 934-4653
Heritage Hall 412

Research Interests: Public sector information management, administrative theory and decision behavior, GIS technology, urban economic development, E-Government, research methods and spatial decision making, chaos theory and nonlinear systems

Office Hours: M/T/Th 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

  • BS, University of Dhaka, Economics
  • MA, Cleveland State University, Economics
  • PhD, Cleveland State University, Urban and Public Affairs

Dr. Akhlaque Haque studies the complex social nature of the human enterprise as it relates to information technology, ethics and social justice, administrative decision-making, and urban and rural population health. His interest in understanding extreme poverty and social inequality in high-income urban classes led to his studies of economics and public affairs, and his broader interest in social issues led him to learning about and conducting research through Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, which contextualizes information with visual maps.

Dr. Haque has published widely, and his work in GIS has been profiled in national and international media. Through his scholarship and teaching, he hopes to establish a generation of public servants dedicated to strengthening communities, both economically and socially. As the Director of the MPA program for more than a decade he is proud to have touched lives of the hundreds of MPA graduates who are serving in various capacities in the US and the global arena.

Dr. Haque has played a leadership role in the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), formulating new standards for accreditation of MPA programs and serving as member of the commission that recommends accreditation. In his capacity as a Fulbright scholar Dr. Haque has traveled to many countries and has conducted international workshops in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He is a member of the Bangladesh Development Initiative (BDI), a think-tank dedicated to the development of Bangladesh.

  • Administrative Ethics
  • GIS
  • Information Management for Government
  • Administrative Theory and Behavior
Articles and Book Chapters:
  • Mohammad A. Mian, Akhlaque Haque, Robert Mullins, Barbara Fiebiger, and Zahid Hassan., "Urban–Rural Dichotomy of Burn Patients in Georgia and South Carolina: A Geographic Information System Study," Journal of Burn Care and Research (forthcoming).
  • Akhlaque Haque and Kamna Lal Mantode, "Governance in the Technology Era: Implications of Actor Network Theory for Social Empowerment in South Asia," in Grand Successes and Failures in IT Public and Private Sectors, edited by Y. Dwivedi, H.Z. Henriksen, D. Wastell, and R. De (Springer, 2013) 375-90.
  • Derek DuBay, David Redden, Akhlaque Haque, Stephen H. Gray, Mona Fouad, Connie Kohler, Garry Taylor, and Devin E. Eckhoff, "Do Trained Specialists Solicit Familial Authorization at Equal Frequency, Regardless of Deceased Donor Characteristics?," Progress in Transplantation Progress in Transplantation 23 (No. 3, 2013): 290-96.
  • L.N. Glueckert, D. Redden, M.A. Thompson, A. Haque, S.H. Gray, J. Locke, D. E. Eckhoff, M. Fouad, and D.A. DuBay, "What Liver Transplant Outcomes Can Be Expected in the Uninsured Who Become Insured Via the Affordable Care Act?," American Journal of Transplantation 13 (No. 6, 2013): 1533-40.
  • Derek DuBay, David Redden, Akhlaque Haque, Stephen Gray, Mona Fouad, Laura Siminoff, Cheryl Holt, Connie Kohler, and Devin Eckhoff, "Is Decedent Race an Independent Predictor of Organ Donor Consent or Merely a Surrogate Marker of Socioeconomic Status?," Transplantation Journal Transplantation Journal 94 (No. 8, 2012): 873-78.
  • Akhlaque Haque, "Breaking the Bureaucratic Inertia: E-Government, Civil Society and Mobilizations of Citizens in Bangladesh," in E-Government Website Development: Future Trends and Strategic Models, edited by Carl Ekstrom and Mathew Jones Ed Downey (IGI Publishers, 2010), 117-129.
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham, Leadership Service Award from the MPA Alumni Association, UAB for Outstanding Public Service as Program Director for 10 years (2000-2010), 2011
  • International Exchange of Scholars Program, US Department of State, Fulbright Scholar, 2007-08 to Bangladesh
  • School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Nominated for Outstanding Mentor of the Year Award 2007-08
  • Public Administration Review, paper nominated for Marshall Dimock Award 2002, best lead article
  • College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University, Doctoral Research Fellowship, 1991-1993
  • University Grants Commission, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Outstanding Student Scholarship Award, 1984-88