Bachelors of Arts in Political Science

What do you do with a degree in political science? Almost anything you put your mind to.

Politics and law school are the most obvious career paths for a student graduating with a political science major. It is also a good degree for those interested in a career in business, civil service, diplomacy, education, and journalism, just to name a few of many possible paths. The political science degree teaches you how to research, how to analyze, and how to write. It teaches you to think for yourself and to understand difficult concepts. Simply put, the skills earned studying political science help prepare you for the real world.

Study With Us

When you study political science with the Department of Political Science & Public Administration, you will work with a faculty that has developed significant expertise through research in their fields.

Our curriculum gives you the opportunity to:

  • study American government and politics,
  • compare various national political systems,
  • investigate conflict and cooperation among nation-states,
  • examine the organization and management of public affairs,
  • explore the realm of ideas about political authority, and
  • master methods of political research.

Along the way, you will have opportunities to participate in group projects, pursue internships, and even join the honors program, which will give you one-on-one faculty mentoring and a leg-up in your future career.


We invite you to explore the site to learn who we are. Take a look at our courses and what you need to do to graduate. Get to know our faculty. Ask us questions. Once you're done, we hope to see you in the classroom next semester!