Why study away? Because participating in study-away trips organized by the Political Science program enhances your studies and allow you to acquire information about events, institutions, and policies in non-traditional and international settings. Simply put, it broadens your horizons.

Academic and Real-World Benefits

Image of a group of students on a UN study away trip.

Studying away has more benefits than we can list here, but they include:

  • broadening your curriculum experience
  • giving you a new perspective on our country
  • teaching you about other countries through shared experiences
  • exploring the strengths and limitations of international cooperation
  • gaining new insights on policy and politics here and abroad
  • learning new ways to communicate more effectively across cultures and political systems

Research shows employers highly value these experiences and skills, and study-away can improve your future professional and financial potential.

Study Away Opportunities

The Political Science program offers majors many study away opportunities. Recent faculty-led trips have visited the United Nations, Washington DC, and Greece. Many more are planned in the near future. The Department of Political Science & Public Administration strongly encourages its students to participate in as many such opportunities as they can.


For more information on study away opportunities with political science, please contact the Political Science Program Director.

For other opportunities for international studies, visit the UAB Education Abroad website.