Diane Tucker.

Director, Science and Technology Honors Program
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HHB 540
(205) 934-8885

Research Interests: Cancer survivorship, end of life issues, palliative care

Office Hours: By appointment


  • Ph.D., University of Iowa, Clinical and Developmental Psychology
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Washington Univeristy, Developmental Neurobiology

Diane Tucker earned her Ph.D. from University of Iowa in Clinical and Developmental Psychology and did her clinical internship year at University of Washington in Seattle, WA. A postdoctoral fellowship in Developmental Neurobiology completed her training. She joined the UAB Psychology Department in January 1985 as an Assistant Professor. She was promoted to Associate Professor in 1988 and to Professor in 1993.

Dr. Tucker is a member of the Cancer Center, the Center for Health Promotion and the Center for Palliative Care. She holds a secondary appointment in the School of Medicine and serves as a psychologist with the outpatient Supportive Care team. She is the founding director of the Science and Technology Honors Program.

Research Interests

Dr. Tucker’s research examines genetic influences on disease from a number of perspectives. While her initial work examined mechanisms by which early experience might affect cardiovascular development in an animal model of hypertension, more recently her work has examined how people understand genetically based risk for disease and how information about risk is communication within families.

Dr. Tucker’s group was part of UAB’s contribution to the HEIRS study, a large, multicenter study examining the feasibility and desirability of widespread genetic screening for a heritable, frequently undetected disorder called hemachromatosis. This disorder is especially interesting because the deleterious consequences of the genetic defect can be completely prevented by early detection and treatment. The HEIRS study provides an unequalled opportunity to examine the consequences of genetic screening in a multiethnic population. She has been a co-author on two studies examining evidence for discrimination resulting from genetic test results.

Dr. Tucker’s current research is in the area of cancer survivorship, end of life issues and palliative care.