Fred J. Biasini.

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Research and Teaching Interests: Autism Spectrum Disorder, effects of parent-infant interaction on development, developmental disability, social development, children of substance abusers

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  • B.A., St. Vincent College, Psychology
  • M.S., St. Francis College, Pre-Clinical Psychology
  • Ph.D., University of Alabama, Applied Psychology

Dr. Fred J. Biasini is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Associate Director of Sparks Clinics and Director of Interdisciplinary Training at the Civitan International Research Center. He also serves as Director of the UAB Early Head Start Program. He has worked in the field of developmental disabilities since 1975.

During Dr. Biasini's six years of his graduate studies he worked in residential facilities for children and adults with developmental disabilities. He completed an internship in developmental disabilities at the University of Alabama at Birmingham during the 1981-1982 academic year. He directed an early intervention program (1984-1990); organized and coordinated a local council of service providers for infants, toddlers, and preschool children with disabilities (1985-1995); and directed the statewide training program for professionals, paraprofessionals, and parents working in the area of early intervention (1989-1995).

In 1992, Dr. Biasini was awarded a five-year Comprehensive Child Development Program (CCDP) grant to develop a child development/family system oriented program focusing on families where infants and young children have been exposed to parental substance abuse. In 1998 the CCDP became the Early Head Start Program that he currently directs. He also participates in the training of child and pediatric psychologists and is a member of the psychology faculty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

He teaches courses in developmental psychology and developmental disabilities, and has published articles related to cognitive and communication development in young children with disabilities. Dr. Biasini is also involved in research investigating the role of child development and parenting classes on the attitudes of young mothers related to parenting.

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Recent Courses


  • PY 312: Advanced Developmental Psychology
  • PY 412: Social Development
  • PY 415: Developmental Disabilities


  • PY 708: Developmental Psychology
  • PY 712: Social Development
  • PY 783: Developmental Disabilities