Participation in the Psychology Honors Program provides an enriched learning environment for psychology majors with excellent academic records who are interested in pursuing graduate study and a career in psychology, medicine, or other health related professions.

The program provides students with a strong foundation in behavioral science through an enhanced program of study and the opportunity to conduct research with an individual member of the faculty. Students who complete the program will qualify for the BS in psychology and graduate “With Honors in Psychology.”

Program Components

If you are accepted into the honors program you will participate in these three components:

  • Completion of an honors thesis. The thesis will examine a research project conducted by you under the supervision of a faculty member in Psychology or a related field.  For more information on faculty research interests, see the faculty directory.
  • Participation in 3 semesters of PY 399: Honors Seminar, a small-group 1-semester-hour seminar aimed at professional development and in-depth discussion of theory and research in the behavioral sciences.
  • Completion of advanced coursework. You are required to take additional upper-level courses in Psychology. A complete list of requirements are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.


You should apply to the honors program during your sophomore year (though exceptions can be made). This provides sufficient time to complete your thesis and honors seminar requirements during your junior and senior years.

Apply to the Psychology Honors Program

Please submit your application at least one month before the end of Fall or Spring semester.  Interviews will be scheduled in the last month of each Fall and Spring semester.

You must have and maintain a cumulative, institutional, and psychology GPA of 3.5 or above in order to be admitted to and graduate from the program.