Courses: SW 320: Introduction to Research Methods.

Jessica Chambliss is graduate of the University of Alabama with the BS in Health Care Management. She earned her MPH from the University of Texas. Mrs. Chambliss is currently pursing a PhD in Health Education/Health Promotion from UAB. Prior to joining UAB, she worked for the Mobile County Health Department as a Program Manager for a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program where she led the outreach and engagement of the youth component.

As a strong advocate for public health, she values the support of families to acquire the knowledge they need to maintain healthy lives physically, mentally and emotionally. She believes the discipline of social work is component of the public health system that supports those values. Her research interest primarily lies in adolescent sexual health, specifically among adolescent males; however, her passion expands to all social and public health practices. She finds great joy in helping students reach their full potential in the classroom, so they can make a difference in the world by building the lives of those they encounter.