Scott BateyAssociate Professor, Honors Program Director
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University Hall 3154
(205) 996-7984

Research and Teaching Interests: HIV Prevention and Treatment Outcomes, eliminating health disparities (especially those prominent along the HIV Continuum of Care), Implementation Science, Evidence-Based Social Work Practice, and Community-Engaged Research.

Office Hours: By appointment

Secondary Appointments:

  • Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine
  • Department of Health Behavior, Ryals School of Public Health
  • Center for AIDS Research
  • Center for the Study of Community Health
  • Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center
  • Institute for Human Rights, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Center for Palliative & Supportive Care


  • BS, The University of Alabama, Psychology
  • MSW, The University of Alabama, Health
  • PhD, The University of Alabama, Social Work 

Generally speaking, Dr. Batey’s expertise lies in the area of HIV prevention and treatment.  Specifically, Dr. Batey has framed his work within the HIV Treatment Cascade where he studies individual- and structural-level influences on one’s initial linkage to HIV care after diagnosis, and long-term retention and re-engagement in HIV primary medical care. For example, Dr. Batey’s research experiences include investigation of clinic-based strategies to improve a patient’s adherence to their medical appointments, as well as social work-driven, community-based interventions to locate and re-engage individuals who have fallen out of routine medical care. He often defines his interests as being set at the intersection of the HIV clinic and the broader community. 

Dr. Batey values and advocates for the active role of the community in research, also known as community engagement. As such, he works closely with long-time community organization partners to address critical healthcare issues, especially as they relate to HIV. He is a co-founder of the Jefferson County HIV/AIDS Community Coalition, whose mission is to serve as a network of active stakeholders working together towards a unified and healthy community response to HIV/AIDS, and he served as the Coalition’s original Chair. Named an Emerging Engagement Scholar in 2009, Dr. Batey is also interested in the integration of service learning and community exposure in the social work curriculum.

Dr. Batey is licensed by the Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners (ASBSWE) as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and Private Independent Practioner (PIP). Prior to his doctoral education, he was a practicing social worker in the non-profit setting for more than 10 years.

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  • Select Publications
    • Sohail, M, Long, DM, Mugavero, MJ, Batey, DS, Ojesina, AI, & Levitan, EB. Partnership status and retention in care among heterosexual newly diagnosed people with HIV: A cohort study. In print, AIDS Care. doi: 10.1080/09540121.2022.2050178.
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  • Academic Distinctions and Professional Societies
    • Inaugural Friend of Birmingham AIDS Outreach (BAO) Award
    • University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) SPARK Award
    • Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC)
    • International Association of Providers in AIDS Care (IAPAC)
    • American Public Health Association (HIV/AIDS Section, Social Work Section)
    • Society for Social Work and Research
    • National Association of Social Workers