stacy moakProfessor
University Hall 3152

Research and Teaching Interests: Juvenile and family related issues, neighborhood characteristics that influence the life choices and life circumstances of residents, law and international social justice

Office Hours: By appointment only


  • BS, University of Southern Mississippi, Criminal Justice
  • JD, Loyola University New Orleans
  • PhD, University of New Orleans, Urban Studies

I am Dr. Stacy Moak, originally from Brookhaven, Mississippi. I recently moved to Alabama from Little Rock, Arkansas, where I had been teaching for the past 10 years. I have four children, three birth children and one daughter from China. Raising teenagers has given me a new appreciation for the concepts of juvenile justice and juvenile delinquency. I have always been fascinated with this area of law and justice because I believe this is the area of our system where we have the most opportunity to make the biggest difference. I believe in social change and I believe that it will only happen if each of us takes responsibility for that change.

One of my favorite classes to teach is called Neighborhood Studies and it is an interdisciplinary course which is team taught with several other professors. Students explore neighborhood change over time and the different challenges and strengths of a particular neighborhood. Students complete service hours designed to address a particular issue in the neighborhood. I find that interdisciplinary study provides a different perspective to all students (and faculty as well) in the class. The class always results in a tremendous amount of learning for all involved. I look forward to developing this class in Birmingham and making it available to students.

I am also a huge fan of international travel and have traveled to Australia, China, Africa, Austria, Japan, Norway, Whales, and Brazil during the course of my career. About every two years, I teach a summer course in Graz, Austria. I believe that experiencing cultures and customs that are different from those of Americans encourages worldwide understanding, and thus promotes peace. My dream would be for every student to have the opportunity to travel abroad. I am working toward developing various opportunities for UAB students in social work and related disciplines to have these opportunities.

Recent Courses Taught

  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Juvenile Law and Process
  • Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • Neighborhood Studies

Academic Distinctions and Professional Societies

  • Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching, 2013
  • Member American Society of Criminology, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Urban Affairs Association, Counsel on Social Work Education

Select Publications

  • Moak, Stacy, Caitlin McAteer, Heather Rossi, and Merrill Schmidt (19 February 2018). Listening Local: Community perceptions of fresh food resources in Greater Little Rock. Journal of Community Psychology. Vol 46: 3 pp. 311-331.
  • Lee, Chang-Hun, Stacy Moak, and Jeffery T. Walker. (2016). Effects of Self-Control, Social Control, and Social Learning on Sexting Behavior Among South Korean Youths. Youth & Society. Vol. 48, No. 2 pp. 242-264.
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