Earning a bachelor's degree in social work (BSSW) prepares graduates to see professional social work positions. In fact, only individuals with a BSSW may apply for some social work positions — giving you an edge in the job market.

Studying with us gives you the integrated value-base, knowledge-base, methods, and a range of techniques and skills to engage in generalist practice. This means you will:

  • work directly with individuals at all levels
  • connect your clients to available resources
  • intervene with organizations to help your clients receive better responses
  • advocate just social policies, and
  • research all aspects of social work practice.

The BSSW curriculum also prepares students for graduate-level course work, especially the Master of Social Work degree (MSW). Most MSW programs offer "advanced standing" to graduates of fully accredited BSW programs and who meet specific standards, which means you will be able to complete the MSW degree in less time. Our graduates are highly competitive for admission into graduate schools in related fields.

What Can I Do with This Major?

Social workers are employed in numerous governmental, private non-profit, and for-profit agency settings that provide social services to client systems. Large and small agencies, schools, hospitals, clinics, residential facilities, and industries — to name a few — employ social workers.

Fields of social work practice are many, spanning the range of social functioning needs found within the population. Primary fields of practice include children, youth and families, poverty and income maintenance, mental health, alcohol and substance abuse, developmental disabilities, medical and health care, criminal justice/corrections, gerontology, community organization and development, and policy development.


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