Lori Bateman. Lori Brand Bateman (PhD 2014) is currently an instructor in the Division of Preventive Medicine, Department of Medicine, UAB School of Medicine

In addition to a PhD in Medical Sociology, Dr. Bateman holds master’s degrees in both Religion (ethics) and Wellness Promotion from Baylor University. She did her undergraduate work in nutrition and her clinical home is as a registered dietitian. During the first part of her career she gained extensive experience in program development, nutrition education, and individual behavior change in both academic and clinical settings.

More recently Dr. Bateman’s interests have shifted to examining health and illness in the context of social structure. Her research has explored the ways in which narrative informs the perspectives of both patients and providers and how this influences provider-patient communication. Her most current work is examining the impact of the social determinants of health on racial/ethnic health disparities.