How do you plan to pay for a graduate degree? It's something everyone has to think about, no matter your background or situation. Detailed tuition and fees information can be found on the UAB Students page.

Two grad students at Homecoming 2016 posing outside of Heritage Hall. Departmental Support

Support is available for students through fellowships, teaching, and research assistantships. Faculty sometimes have research grants that may support graduate research assistants. In addition, you are encouraged to write grant proposals for externally funded predoctoral fellowships to provide yourself with support during your dissertation years.

Graduate departmental assistantships represent excellent opportunities for graduate students to gain hands‑on experience in the field of Medical Sociology. Assistantships are awarded based on student merit, departmental need, and available funding. Students are evaluated by the Graduate Program Committee, with recommendations submitted to faculty members for funding on an annual basis.

A student may usually receive departmental funding:

  • up to and no longer than four years if entering with a bachelor's degree
  • up to three years if entering the program with a master's degree

Students who receive funding are required to sign a contract with the Department of Sociology outlining the duties and performance expected on a yearly basis. You are to negotiate your weekly schedule with the faculty member you work with. Any expectations of working over school holidays or semester breaks are to be discussed and negotiated prior to signing the assistantship contract.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave