This is a nine-course, fully online program. No thesis is required. Instead, a 6-hour faculty-directed applied/community capstone project, undertaken at the conclusion of the program, provides an opportunity to synthesize all previous course material.


To learn more about the Online MA in Applied Sociology, contact Cullen Clark, Director, Online MA in Sociology Program by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (205) 934-3322.

Course Requirements

The Online MA program follows Plan II (non-thesis) requirements. The following core courses (18 hours) are required for all students:

Overview of methodologies used in applied social science research; major emphasis includes components of the research process, problem conceptualization, research design, measurement, sampling, questionnaire development, modes of data collection, and ethical issues in both quantitative and qualitative research. 3 hours.
21st century sociological theory at the micro, meso, and macro levels. 3 hours.
An overview of the field of applied sociology with special attention to current trends and issues in the application of social science in both for-profit- and not-for-profit sectors. 3 hours.
Examination of how social psychological theory and evidence are applied to understanding and addressing social and practical problem on such topics as health, education, criminal justice, community, environment, and diversity. 3 hours.
A faculty-directed research project, undertaken at the conclusion of the program, that provides an opportunity to synthesize all previous course materials. 6 hours.

Four additional classes (12 hours) are required for all students to fully matriculate (12 hours). You can choose from the following:

  • SOC 620: Public Sociology (3 hours)
  • SOC 711: Qualitative Methods (3 hours)
  • SOC 714: Survey Research Methods (3 hours)
  • SOC 715: Program Evaluation (3 hours)
  • SOC 718: Social Capital and Social Networks (3 hours)
  • SOC 728: Teaching Sociology (3 hours)
  • SOC 729: Consumer Culture (3 hours)
  • SOC 737: Practicum in Innovation, Creativity, and Applied Sociology (3 hours)
  • SOC 739: Sociology of Education (3 hours)
  • SOC 745: Sociological Practice (3 hours)
  • SOC 760: Sociology of Death and Dying (3 hours)
  • SOC 783: Health Care Delivery Systems (3 hours)
  • SOC 786: Health Disparities (3 hours)
  • SOC 789: Patient Care Relationships and Ethics (3 hours)
  • SOC 794: Special Topics

Learn more about these courses in the UAB Graduate Catalog.