The Master's degree is the first step to a PhD in Medical Sociology. All students entering the program without a master's degree will earn their MA as they matriculate through the PhD program. The department does not offer a terminal MA in Medical Sociology.

""The Plan I option is the only way to move on to the PhD program; you can learn more about Plan I on the MA Program Requirements page. Please note that the Online MA in Applied Sociology (Plan II) is a professional program and cannot be used as a step toward obtaining a PhD.

Already Have a Master's Degree?

For students entering with a master's degree, the Graduate Director will review your transcript, evaluate course transfers, and devise a course plan. If you have an MA, MPH, MPA, etc., but have not written a thesis, you will be required to write one before you proceed to the dissertation. The director will also handle your admission to candidacy and the comprehensive examination requirement.

If you are entering with a master's degree and a thesis approved by another accredited institution, you are not required to make oral defense of your thesis.

Students who enter with a master’s degree and have taken comprehensive exams at their prior institution can petition the graduate committee to waive the exam at UAB. Otherwise, all students entering, whether they have a master’s degree or not, must take comprehensive exams at UAB.

Students entering the program with a master's degree can have transferred up to 12 hours of credit so long as these credits were not used for any other degree program. The Department may also waive up to 16 credits of coursework from electives for those who come in with a master’s degree.