The Department of Sociology offers two plans (Plan I and Plan II) for the MA degree. It is important to note that students planning to enter the Medical Sociology PhD program must follow Plan I. The Online MA in Applied Sociology (Plan II) is a professional program and cannot be used as a step toward obtaining a PhD. Learn more about Plan I below; learn more about Plan II on the Online MA in Applied Sociology program requirements page.

Plan I Requirements (Thesis Option)

Plan I students pursuing the MA degree in Sociology must have been admitted into the Medical Sociology PhD program. To be admitted in good standing, candidates must meet all Graduate School admission requirements. Plan I is a thesis option.

Plan I applicants lacking 18 semester hours in social science courses will be evaluated individually for academic deficiencies. Supplemental coursework may be recommended by the graduate faculty.

The following core courses are required for all Plan I students:

An introduction to statistical theory and univariate and bivariate statistics. 3 hours.
The culture and organization of sociology; norms and values of the graduate student culture and the profession; the sociological imagination; sociological careers; the practice of sociology; thesis development. Designed to orient the student to the perspective and practice of sociology. Required of all beginning graduate students. 1 hour.
Multivariate statistical analysis. 3 hours.
Prerequisites: SOC 701 [Min Grade: C] or SOC 601 [Min Grade: C]
Analysis with dichotomous, ordinal, and multinomial dependent variables. Includes contingency table analysis, loglinear, logistic, probit, Poisson and negative binomial models. 3 hours.
Prerequisites: SOC 703 [Min Grade: C]
SOC 705 — Methodology of social research. 3 Hours.
Prerequisites: SOC 601 [Min Grade: C]
SOC 711 — Field research design, observational research; in-depth interviewing strategies, analyzing qualitative data. 3 Hours.
Review of late 20th century and early 21st century sociological theories and issues. 3 hours.
These courses may be in areas outside of Sociology, subject to approval by the Sociology graduate program director

Additional requirements for Plan I include:

  • 6 semester hours of thesis research (SOC 699);
  • an acceptable research-based thesis; and
  • a final oral examination based on the thesis.