William Cockerham Paper Award

The William Cockerham Paper Award was founded in honor of Professor William Cockerham, a longtime professor of Sociology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This award is to honor Dr. Cockerham's many contributions to the Department and to the discipline of medical sociology and to encourage the research of graduate students. The William Cockerham Paper Award is awarded to the UAB Medical Sociology graduate student with the best paper in the area of medical sociology.

Previous winners of the William Cockerham Paper Award:

  • 2022: Clifford Ross ("Labor Union Membership Tenure and Midlife Health: A Gendered Perspective")
  • 2021: Alejandra Colón López (“Gendering Trust in General Surgery Training: The Association with Postgraduate Year, Prior Experience in the Operating Room, and Gender")
  • 2020: Brie Scrivner (“Experiences of Movement in a Body-Inclusive Space")
  • 2019: Shane D. Burns (“Disability Uncertainty among Medical Students in Peru: An Abductive Analysis")
  • 2018: Fabrice S. Julien (“How Ethnic Self-Identification Informs the Association between Perceived Discrimination and Depressive Symptomatology in Caribbean Children")
  • 2018 Honorable mention: Jessica Valles (“Familial Support and Mental Health Service Use: Differences among First- and Second-Generation Asian American and Latino Older Adults")

Sociology Graduate Program Scholarship

The Sociology Graduate Program Scholarship was founded through a generous gift from Ms. Caroline Robinson and family for the purpose of creating a scholarship in sociology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This scholarship is used to provide financial assistance to deserving graduate students in the Department of Sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences at UAB. The Sociology Graduate Program Scholarship is awarded to a UAB Medical Sociology graduate student who has successfully defended their dissertation proposal during the 12 months prior to the scholarship application due date.

Previous winners of the Sociology Graduate Program Scholarship:

  • 2021: Mercedes Tarasovich (“Barriers to Suicide Prevention/Postvention Among Suicide Attempt Survivors")
  • 2020: Stephanie Kirkland (“The Framing of Drug Use by Congress from 1968 to 2018")
  • 2019: Roman Johnson (“Examining the Role of Neighborhood Deprivation in the Association of Mammography Adherence and Facility Equity among Racial/Ethnic Groups")

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

  • 2022: Alejandra M. Colón López
  • 2020: Sanjeev Acharya
  • 2019: Jalal Uddin
  • 2017: Soumya Niranjan
  • 2016: Anthony Campbell
  • 2015: Zachary Simoni
  • 2014: Gabriela Oates and Kristi Stringer
  • 2013: Ron Berkowsky
  • 2012: Sarah Ballard
  • 2009: Jay Irwin
  • 2008: Cullen Clark
  • 2007: Caroline Robinson
  • 2006: Akilah Dulin
  • 2005: Jason Wasserman