Sanjeev Acharya. email
Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Health Inequalities, Race/Ethnicity

Najwa Alharbi. email
Research Interests: Mental Health and Religion

Robert Bowmanemail
Research Interests: Genetics and Genomics, Maternal and Child Health, HIV/AIDS, Geriatrics

Chenoia Bryantemail
Research Interests: Gender, Sexuality, and Health; Consequences of Sexual and Social Behaviors in Marginalized and Minority Populations; HIV; Global Health; Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities


Research Interests: Disability Studies, Medicalization, Mental Health and Social Movements

Kirsten Ostergren Clark. email
Research Interests: Quality vs, Quantity of Life; Barriers to Dental Care and Healthcare and Community Support

Research Interests: Family and Health, Gender Medical Sociology, Immigration

Roman Johnson 2018email
Research Interests: Global Health, Alternative Medicine Use, Social Context and Ethnicity Impact on Breast Cancer Screening in Immigrant Women



Research/Teaching Interests: Mental health disparities, Immigrant health, Social stratification and mobility, the stress process framework, Psychological Well-Being, Depressive symptomatology, Discrimination and Health, Education and health outcomes, Structural equation modeling, Quantitative methods, Race and Ethnicity, Identity formation, Racial heterogeneity, Colorism and ethnic identity, Migration and health, Gender disparities in health

stephanie kirklandemail
Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Health Policy, Immigrant Health, Globalization, Political Sociology


Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Minority Health, Puerto Rico, Medicalization, Health Care, Human Rights, Patient-Physician Relationship, Global Health

Katie Reece. email
Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Drug Use and Abuse, Medicalization, Health Care Organization, HIV/AIDS

Bria Kathryn Morgan.
Research Interests: Socioeconomic Status, Health Inequalities, Food Insecurity

Soumya Niranjanemail
Research Interests: Cancer Research Outcomes, Gender and Health, Health Disparities

Sarah Rutland. email
Research Interests: Racial, Socioeconomic and Gender Health Disparities, Sexual Health, Effectiveness of Patient-Health Care Systems Interaction


Research Interests: Mental health, Addiction and Recovery, Stigma, Health Behaviors

Joshua Gabriel S. Tobiasemail

Research Interests: Minority Health, Health Disparities, Immigrant Health

Jalal Uddin. email
Research Interests: Economic Stressors, Health Behaviors, and Physical and Mental Health; Couple’s Power Relations, Women’s Autonomy, and Reproductive Health; Equity in Maternal and Child Health.

Jessica Valles. email
Research Interests: Family, Aging, Chronic Illness, Race and Ethnicity

Aowen Zhuemail
Research Interests: Healthy Lifestyles, Family Relationships, Child Care, Nutrition, Stress, and Relief