haley kendrick
Research interests: Religion, Mental Health, Sexuality, Global Health


Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Minority Health, Puerto Rico, Medicalization, Health Care, Human Rights, Patient-Physician Relationship, Global Health

Katie Reece. email
Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Drug Use and Abuse, Medicalization, Health Care Organization, HIV/AIDS

Bria Kathryn Morgan.
Research Interests: Socioeconomic Status, Health Inequalities, Food Insecurity

Soumya Niranjanemail
Research Interests: Cancer Research Outcomes, Gender and Health, Health Disparities

Sarah Rutland. email
Research Interests: Racial, Socioeconomic and Gender Health Disparities, Sexual Health, Effectiveness of Patient-Health Care Systems Interaction

Kristi Stringer.
Research interests: Health Related Stigma, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Deviance, Gender, and Sexuality


Research Interests: Mental health, Addiction and Recovery, Stigma, Health Behaviors

Jalal Uddin. email
Research Interests: Economic Stressors, Health Behaviors, and Physical and Mental Health; Couple’s Power Relations, Women’s Autonomy, and Reproductive Health; Equity in Maternal and Child Health.

Jessica Valles. email
Research Interests: Family, Aging, Chronic Illness, Race and Ethnicity

Aowen Zhuemail
Research Interests: Healthy Lifestyles, Family Relationships, Child Care, Nutrition, Stress, and Relief