Since the mid-1980s, the UAB Department of Theatre has supported troupes of student actors bringing quality performances to venues all over the state.   Together these troupes have logged countless miles on the road and entertained thousands of people each year -- at every stop, representing the goals of UAB and the Department of Theatre.

The shows we have offered for touring over the years have varied widely.  Here are the shows we have available for booking now:

    Girl Power: The Best of The Girl Groups!
    Arranged by Roger Emerson, Ed Lojeski, Jay Althouse, Kirby Shaw & Mark Brymer. Publishers: Hal Leonard Corporation & Alfred Music Publishing
    Directed by Valerie Accetta
    Musical Direction by Carolyn Violi
    Theatre UAB Cabaret celebrates the greatest female singers and hottest girl groups of all time! Selections include Lollipop, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in his Kiss), Stop in the Name of Love, Wilson Phillips’ Hold On and Destiny’s Child’s super anthem, Survivor. Catchy tunes, memorable ballads and driving rhythms make this collection perfect for all ages.
    Appropriate For: All Grade Levels, Retirement Communities and other Adult Facilities.
    Running Time: Approximately 40 minutes. Fridays only.
    Theatre UAB Cabaret Cost: Please see our Price Chart for fees in your area.
    People are Different!
    Directed by Lee Shackleford
    Our new Kids on the Block program explores complex real-life situations with colorful life-size puppets that younger audiences are naturally drawn to. The characters challenge the kids in the audience to share their own ideas and insights on the situation they are trying to resolve. "People are Different" features Nam, a boy from Southeast Asia who feels he doesn't belong at his new school in America. His new friends help him see that everyone is unique in their own way, with different histories, traditions, and beliefs. Our "People are Different" show strives to build empathy and understanding, the proven antidotes to hatred and intolerance!
    Appropriate For: Grades K-4.
    Running Time: Approximately 40 minutes. Fridays Only.
    Kids on the Block Cost: Please see our Price chart for fees in your area.
    Jack and the Beanstalk
    by William Goldsmith
    Directed by Jack Cannon
    Goldsmith’s adaptation of this children’s literary classic has been delighting audiences for years at Columbus Children’s Theatre, Ohio, where he serves as Artistic Director and Playwright. Jack’s mother is overwrought when he sells their cow for a mere handful of beans. But when the beans sprout to a towering beanstalk, a silly, less than bright giant and his many treasures just might ease their woes. Played to hilarious heights by four actors!
    Appropriate For: Grades K-6.
    Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes. Fridays Only.
    Jack and Beanstalk Cost: Please see our Price chart for fees in your area.
    Othello, The Moor of Venice, abridged
    Adapted and Directed by Dennis McLernon
    Many critics consider Othello the pinnacle of Shakespeare’s dramatic work. Unsurpassed as a classic tale of love, envy, jealousy and conspiracy, Othello resonates in today’s world. Can the fragile love of Othello and Desdemona withstand Iago’s schemes and manipulation? UAB Shakespeare Company brings the immortal tragedy to vivid life in this modern adaptation of a masterpiece.
    Appropriate For: Middle Schools, High Schools, Retirement Communities and other Adult Facilities.
    Running Time: Approximately 50 minutes (Abridged.) Fridays Only.
    Theatre UAB Shakespeare Company Cost: Please see our Price Chart for fees in your area.

Interested in booking one of our tours, or just curious about the touring program?  
Contact our Program Manager, Mel Christian by email at or by telephone at (205) 934-3237.