June Mack Associate Professor June Mack's films have garnered 22 international awards in film festivals around the world. Her work has been seen on national television as well as festival screenings in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Slovenia and across the United States. She holds degrees from Hollins College, Florida State University, and Harvard University. Specializing in community arts, Mack has been a playwright, theater director, composer and choreographer for over 30 years. She has worked on more than 50 theater productions and 70 films. Her latest film series, The Youth Violence Project, is currently being used by over 200 youth agencies in 6 countries.

June is the Director of the Individually Designed Film Major and Interdisciplinary Film Minor. She teaches Introduction to Cinema, Filmmaking II and III, and mentors film students in internships in Los Angeles.

(205) 934-3852