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K Writing Group

Five sessions provide an overview and strategies for writing a mentored K award. Group size is limited, and you must be eligible to apply for a K award to engage. Commitment to all five sessions is encouraged. Contact the CCTS to find out when the next series starts.

NIH Application Advice and Examples

Dr. Katherine E. Hartmann, Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Scientist Development at Vanderbilt University, joined the TIERS group on June 10th to discuss "Going Pro" in the world of academic medicine. Read her article on the Edge for Scholars website and view the slides comparing the NFL Combine to an NIH Study Section.

Learn which mentored K awards are tailored to physician-scientists and why it's important to pick the right institute for your application. Review success rates by a mechanism at all NIH Institutes and Centers.  Looking for NIH research grant examples?  The NIAID has example grants (R and K) and summary statements (aka pink sheets).  See 12 Tips for writing a strong research application.  Local K applications are available for viewing here

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP; Dr. Robin Lorenz, PI) maintains sample Fellowship awards. Contact the MSTP for more information.

Dr. David Redden, Chair, UAB Department of Biostatistics, methodology seminars on "The Fundamentals of Data Management

Dr. Tung-Tien Sun's Scientific Method website (Sun Laboratory, New York University School of Medicine)

Dr. Mark Rolstch, former NIH Scientific Review Officer and Program Director, and current Executive Director of the Office of Academic Research and Sponsored Project at St Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas - Fellowship and K award talks Dr. Rolstch visited the UAB campus in May; the archived talks are from similar events at Stanford University.  

Mentor Training Opportunities - Join with another faculty to expand your mentoring skills and knowledge.  New groups form at least twice a year.  Please contact the CCTS to learn more. 

The Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) Training Program - The CTS Training Program is a six-month certificate program that includes approximately 50 hours of didactic instruction and interactive experience. The program provides training in clinical and translational research over a six-month period (January to June) with class on Wednesday mornings, 8-10 am. Videoconference access is available for those away from UAB. For more information about participation in the program or if you are interested in speaking, contact Jean Lambert, Training Academy, at jeanl@uab.edu.

Course Offered in the Office of Postdoctoral Training:

 Lab management
 Grant Writing
 Translational Medicine 
 Job Skills