OnCore Expansion –Phase 2 of the Clinical Trials Initiative

Currently, all clinical trials and studies that have UAB Health System clinical billable procedures – regardless of funding source – are required to be managed in OnCore.

Under the Phase 2 Expansion, OnCore has opened up to industry-sponsored clinical trials and studies that do not contain UAB Health System clinical billable procedures – protocol required clinical activities that are billed through the UAB Health System. This will allow study teams to use one system to track all their research study activity which will be of great value when using OnCore financials. Department management may also find this beneficial for more complete study activity reporting purposes. Note that study teams will now be required to manage their studies in OnCore that contain only CCTS services: CRU, Bio-nutrition, SPAN or Biorepository services.

The submission process for protocols that do not have UAB Health System clinical billable procedures will change very little. A new question about the presence of billable activities has been added to the OnCore Calendar Services (OCS) REDCap request form. OCS may begin work on these studies immediately because they do not require FAP approval by the Clinical Billing Review team.

OnCore Financials Implementation

OnCore Financials is an effective tool for monitoring costs of conducting clinical trials and, if properly managed, can be an effective tool for monitoring and recouping payment for these costs.

Financial Reports created in OnCore are a great resource for monitoring budgets, invoices, payments and accounts receivables and have also proven to be a great tool to monitor the timeliness of clinical staff’s updating/maintaining Subject Visits. Due to this workflow requirement, study teams will note improved and strengthened communication between clinical and financial staff of clinical trials. Combined with the expansion of OnCore usage, study teams will be able to manage costs and payment for their research activity.

Financials training began in February 2020 and continues virtually through the COVID-19 pandemic work from home model. We plan to have all applicable areas trained by October 2021.

Financials trainings are scheduled and conducted for Financial Staff members of that particular Department, in order to personalize and address matters unique to their area. Our Financial Analyst is readily available to act as support for all areas utilizing OnCore Financials and to train any new hires or financial staff new to OnCore.

Please see the support page for contact information.

(Updated August 2021)