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What training options are available for my investigative team (PI, faculty investigators, staff)?

Our Clinical Research Support and Training Team enables the training of all study team personnel and offers regular training sessions, including the CTTS Research Seminar Series. Archived presentations are available on the CCTS YouTube channel.

For other training programs contact:

Meredith Fitz-Gerald, RN, MSN
Research Nurse Manager 
UAB Clinical Trials Administration Office
UAB Clinical Research Support Program
205-975-2758 / mfitzgerald@uabmc.edu

Is there a scientific review process for clinical trials?

Yes! For oncology please visit this site.
For all other scientific areas visit the CCTS Research Commons and contact:

Jennifer Croker, PhD
Director, CCTS Research Commons
205-996-4478 / jcroker@uab.edu

Through the CCTS, a rigorous methodological review is provided for all investigator-initiated studies to ensure scientific reproducibility through appropriate study design and assessment of statistical power.

Also, consult CCTS Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD).

What considerations should I make as I develop a budget for a trial?

For high-level considerations of costs appropriate to sponsors (e.g. effort, time for data collection, test assessment, supervision, etc.) contact:

Mansoor Saleh, MD
Medical Director, UAB Clinical Trials Office
Director, CCTS/CCC Phase I Clinical Trial Program
205-996-1403 / mns@uab.edu

Dr. Saleh, an experienced clinical trialist, works closely with investigators in the development of protocols, industry relationships and continuing enhancement of operational excellence in the conduct of our clinical trials.

For a Fiscal Approval Process of internal costs and which costs in the study can be billed to third-party insurance contact:

Carolyn Whitmire
Director, Research Implementation Program
Office of the Vice President of Research and Economic Development

Ms. Whitmire and her team are responsible for the fiscal approval process (FAP) for clinical trial budgets prior to submission to extramural sponsors.

I am interested in conducting/contributing to a clinical trial. Is there a way to estimate enrollment feasibility before I agree to participate?

Visit our page on CCTS Informatics.

Through the CCTS Research Commons, investigators can access our EMR for estimates of patients potentially available for study for all clinical trials and studies.

I submitted a contract to the Office of Sponsored Program, but I'm not sure where it stands. Do I need to do anything?

Go to the Integrated Research Administration Portal (IRAP) to identify the status of your contract and contact:

Jason Nichols, OD, MPH, PhD, FAAO
Assistant Vice President, Industry Research Development
205-934-5109 / 

Dr. Nichols is facilitating our clinical trials portfolio by improving administrative processes and by developing new and expanded relationships with the pharmaceutical industry. Through the CCTS, he is also facilitating the development of multi-site trials by connecting investigators and assisting with administrative arrangements.