The Clinical Investigator Training Program (CITP) has developed and implemented an on-site/online clinical investigator training curriculum for new clinical investigators and trialists. The goals of the program aim to promote excellence in good clinical practice by all investigators conducting clinical trials and to promote investigator awareness of the research capacities and expertise to support clinical trials to further enhance and expedite these projects in a safe and rigorous manner. 


  Pre-session   Introduction to Clinical Investigator Training Program
    Project Goals, Expectations, and Deliverables  
    Introduction to Gamification 
    Grouping of Participants 
  Session 1 Nuts & Bolts of Clinical Trials
    Types of Clinical Studies
     Key Components of a Clinical Trials, "The Protocol"
    Study Feasibility
    Data Management
    Developing a Budget
  Session 2 Clinical Project Management
    Site Initiation and Enrolling a Subject
    Study Related Procedures
    Study Subject Management
    Reportable Events
    Monitoring Visits
  Session 3 Human Subject Research
    History of the IRB
    Investigative Team and Responsibilities
    Composing an Informed Consent Form
    Consenting Videos and Discussion
    Protocols Approvals 
  Session 4 Success
    Panel Discussion with Invested Faculty: "What does it take to be successful?"
    Team Protocol Presentation

The program is designed for those with MDs, DOs, DMDs and PhDs, with a heavy emphasis on the responsibilities of investigators when overseeing clinical trials with humans. The content covers activities that are necessary after the protocol is written or after the protocol is received from a sponsor until the final study report. The program provides programmatic content such as navigating the “system” at UAB and exposure to what should be considered by anyone involved in clinical investigation. 

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