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Biomedical Informatics Seires ThumbnailCosponsored by the CCTS and the UAB Informatics Institute, this 8-week series will cover key informatics topics and resources for clinical and translational research. Researchers, clinicians, faculty, students (pre-to postdoc), and anyone interested in biomedical informatics and health informatics is welcome to attend. All live sessions will be available via GoToMeeting.com (see below). Most will be presented live; two will be online (see agenda). No prior knowledge of biomedical informatics is required. Participants may attend individual seminars or the entire series. 

Questions? Contact Eta S. Berner, EdD.

Summer 2017 Agenda

When: 3:15-4:30pm
Where: PCAMS, 1924 7th Avenue South or via GoToMeeting. To dial in, call +1 408-650-3123 and use access code 433-262-229. 

  June 14   What Is Informatics? Why Should I Care? Eta S. Berner, EdD
  June 21   Watson, Clinical Data Mining, and You Ben Ozaydin, PhD
  June 28
  Re-Using Health Data – Caution! Eta S. Berner, EdD
  July 12   Accessing Clinical Data at UAB: 
The How and Why
Matthew C. Wyatt, MSHI
  July 19   Standardizing the Language of Health Care
Systems: Why Words Matter
James J. Cimino, MD
  July 26   Unlocking Data’s Secrets: The Importance of
Structure and Organization
Jake Y. Chen, MD
  Aug. 9   Exploring Bioinformatics Elliot J. Lefkowitz, PhD
  Aug. 16
  Linking Genomic and Clinical Data: 
The Promise of Precision Medicine
Eta S. Berner, EdD

Students who would like to take this as a one-credit course can do so. All interested individuals should email Eta S. Berner, EdD, Course Director, so that you can be put on the mailing list for course information and if you need additional information.