Each year, the CCTS External Advisory Committee gathers at the CCTS “Hub” to learn more about activities across the partner network, as their guidance plays a vital role in shaping strategy for the coming year.

On Tuesday, December 3rd, EAC members, along with CCTS site leads, leadership and support staff, assembled on UAB’s campus with the charge of receiving updates on CCTS activities and progress, discussing strategies for meeting the CCTS’ mission, and to examine specific tactics in moving forward with that mission. Each member of the EAC provides specific expertise that benefits each of the center’s domains. The members of the CCTS External Advisory Committee are:

Alan Brasier, MD (link), University of Wisconsin, Madison
Daniel Ford, MD, MPH (link), Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Paul Harris, PhD (link), Vanderbilt University
Katherine E. Hartmann, MD, PhD (link), Vanderbilt University
Sundeep Khosla, MD (link), Mayo Clinic
Susan Perkins, PhD (link), Indiana University

The meeting consisted of several formal presentations on the past year’s progress and sparked meaningful discussion that will continue into the coming weeks.

The committee will develop a summary of feedback that the Center will utilize in strategic planning moving forward. The day concluded with CCTS Director Dr. Robert Kimberly’s sincere gratitude for all who traveled near and far to further the goals of the CCTS in 2020.
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