The CCTS recognizes the importance of diversity in research while providing the resources to equip the scientific community for an ever-changing scientific research environment. Beginning in Spring 2021, a new NIH initiative was implemented in select NOFOs called the “Plan For Enhancing Diverse Perspectives” (PEDP).

WHAT is the PEDP?

The PEDP is a 1-page “Other Attachment” which includes a summary, unique to every research project, which outlines a plan of action to advance the scientific and technical merits of the proposed project through inclusivity. The PEDP is a new grant application component that is required for select NOFOs and is to be included with each submission in order for any research proposal to be considered complete and eligible for review.

Areas where a PEDP has a profound impact on diversity in research:

  • Training and Career Development
  • Recruitment to Build Research Teams
  • Research Participant Diversification
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Community Engagement
  • Research Funding
  • Policy and Advocacy

WHY is this important?

At the core of every research project, diverse perspectives are derived from the individuals who perform the research, the community where research is conducted, and the population at large who participates in the research. These core elements are what contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of health and disease along with advancing scientific discoveries that improve the wellness of the community. As a vital component of every research project, the PEDP will effectively align the specific aims and goals of a research proposal with the strategies proposed to operationalize the research project cohesively.

HOW to satisfy the requirements of a PEDP

Within the 1-page summary, a PEDP will need to include these key components:

  • A summary of strategies of expanded inclusivity to advance the scientific and technical merit of the proposed project.
  • An outline on how enhancing diverse perspectives is viewed and supported throughout the application.
  • Incorporate strategies relevant to each of the review criteria (significance, investigator(s), innovation, approach, and environment), as appropriate.
  • Include a timeline and milestones for relevant components that will be considered as part of the review. 

Examples of prospective strategies to align with the goals of a PEDP:

  • Inclusion of community groups in the research design
  • Conduct activities to enhance recruitment from diverse groups
  • Inclusion of personnel from historically underrepresented groups
  • Create training and mentoring opportunities for staff and investigators from diverse backgrounds across all career and academic levels

Links to find examples of where the Plan For Enhancing Diverse Perspectives has been implemented:

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