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The Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) based at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is committed to accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries to improve the health and health equity of the communities it serves.  To realize this vision, the Center has refined its leadership strategy and team science approach to embrace a multiple principal investigator model. Dr. Orlando M. Gutiérrez will join Dr. Robert Kimberly as CCTS MPI effective July 1, 2022.

Dr. Gutiérrez is Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, the Marie S. Ingalls Endowed Chair in Nephrology Leadership and currently serves as Director of the Division of Nephrology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He also serves as the Medical Director of the CCTS Bionutrition Unit.

Dr. Gutiérrez draws on more than 15 years of scientific experience, advancing the understanding of kidney disease and disorders of mineral metabolism in patients with kidney failure and chronic kidney disease (CKD). His work focuses on the pathophysiological mechanisms and clinical outcomes associated with disruptions in mineral metabolism and the impact of diet on the development and progression of metabolic complications in kidney injury. He has a special interest in understanding the environmental and behavioral factors that may modulate these associations, particularly those related to health disparities, poverty and nutrition.

His current NIH-sponsored efforts explore abnormalities in kidney tubule function and acute kidney injury risk as well as the relationship of food intake and nocturnal hypertension in African Americans with obesity. As part of his midcareer investigator award in patient-oriented research, Dr. Gutierrez mentors clinician scientists as members of engaged teams to identify novel strategies for reducing or eliminating disparities in health outcomes related to cardiovascular disease and CKD.

A successful physician scientist, Dr. Gutiérrez has published over 175 peer-reviewed manuscripts and scientific reviews, including seminal work in NEJM, JAMA, JCI and many others. He also recently co-authored his first book on fibroblast growth factor 23. A graduate of John Carroll University, Dr. Gutierrez earned his medical degree from the University Of Toledo College Of Medicine and trained in internal medicine, nephrology, and clinical research at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He received a Master’s in Medical Science from Harvard Medical School.

Written by Jennifer Croker | June 27, 2022