Lucy's Coffee and TeaLucy's Coffee and Tea - Photos by Mary Margaret Smith Photography The Center for Clinical and Translational Science is made up of individuals and organizations spanning Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, with the Hub located at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. However, even at the Hub, our members are scattered across departments and buildings all over campus, with only a small group of staff housed in our official home in the Pittman Center for Advanced Medical Studies. Enter, Lucy’s Coffee and Tea.

If you’ve visited or work at the CCTS Hub, you’ve probably had a meeting or two on the well-worn couches, surrounded by local art and greeted by a staff that knows your name and coffee order by your second or third visit. This unique coffee shop, serving up some of the most delicious food and drinks, has been providing a gathering places for the CCTS since our inaugural year, and has been a staple at UAB for nearly three decades. This spring the namesake and owner, Lucy Bonds, made the difficult decision to close her doors for good following months of being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A few weeks ago, we invited CCTS members to share some of their favorite memories of Lucy’s, so we could give a final salute to a place so weaved into the culture and work of our Center. We are so grateful for the community at Lucy’s Coffee and Tea and will forever miss such an incredible place!