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The Bionutrition Unit offers a variety of services to investigators in nutrition-related research. Dietitians are available to help plan, design, and implement the nutritional components of research protocols; recruit and screen research participants; and collect and analyze dietary intake data. Our Metabolic Kitchen’s research cooks are experts in preparing research meals.

For those who are in the planning stages of a research project, we offer a free walk-in clinic from 11:30am-1pm on the first Wednesday of every month (for more information, see the CCTS Events page).

Bionutrition Core Services

  • Consultation for research protocol design, development, and implementation
  • Controlled feeding studies/monitoring participants on controlled diets; meal services for other research participants
  • Anthropomorphic measurements (body composition, skinfolds, waist/hip circumferences)
  • Nutrient intake data (using the Nutrition Data System for Research, or NDS-R, software program)
  • Nutrition education

Major Resources/Equipment

  • Metabolic Kitchen: prepares specially designed research diets for participants in outpatient-based studies; a multi-purpose room is also available for nutrition studies that require on-site feeding
  • Tanita body composition analyzer TBF-310 and BC-418 (bioelectric impedance analysis)
  • Biodynamics bio-impedance analyzer
  • Stadiometer to measure height electronically
  • Lange calipers
  • Scaletronic digital scale


Access a list of Bionutrition Unit fees here (BlazerID & login required).


To register for a Bionutrition service, please fill in a CCTS Clinical Services form and submit it to CCTSClinical@uab.edu.